Crystal Gallery of Ice

Anchorage, Alaska 2011

Mountain Meets the Sky
Anita Tabor and Oi Feng An
1st Place
It's Only Natural
Paul Hanis and Jenny Rosenbaum
2nd Place


Ben and Aurora Firth
3rd Place

Cycle of Life
Gina and Jasper Eaton

Jacob Harding and team

Hungry Caterpillar
Tom and Carol Lewando

Officers Memorial
Wade Peterson

 Polar Siblings
Eric Schumar and Jennifer Jansma

The Predator
Scott Hanson and John Iverson

She's So Sweet
Speareo Stephens and Reilly Bryant
Walrus by Silas Firth Mastadon by Scott Hanson Polar Bear by Di An

Photos by Silas Firth

More Ice Carvings from Ben Firth Studio